Raunas novads



”Latvijas Ķiploks” Ltd


“Latvijas Ķiploks” is a brand which represents healthy, safe and high quality products made exclusively from locally grown garlic. A wide variety of garlic products are offered: fresh garlic, garlic powder and granules, garlic tea, garlic and garlic blossom pesto, pickled garlic stems, garlic candies, garlic toasts etc., as well as handicraft products- special clay pots for storing garlic, garlic- shaped wooden chopping boards and other things related to garlic. On demand, trading venue in the centre of Rauna or in Rauna Castle ruins is organised.

Cēsu iela 4, Rauna, Raunas novads
Phone +37122471245 (Sintija Rude), +37129123367 (Inese Krūklīte)
GPS 57.323941, 25.578886